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Announcing the 2019 Health Fair
Wednesday, June 12

* Meet & Greet the Doctors 8:30 am until 10:00 am In the Multipurpose Room.
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with respected medical professionals that provide comprehensive screenings and services which meet standards of excellence and the needs of our community. The goal is that the residents will receive education and information as well as experience superior care and satisfaction which enables them to make better decisions in regards to managing their healthcare.

Special Note ~

Did you ever wonder why the Carillon Health Fair is organized

  Did you ever wonder why the Carillon Health Fair is organized? Unfortunately to the detriment of the senior population, we have come to the realization that the current medical system is based primarily on reactive medicine; which treats illnesses and diseases that already exist. It has been our goal to obtain screenings that may help identify potential health risks before symptoms of a significant health issue appear. Our hope is that the screenings provided at the Health Fair will yield results that may indicate the need for further testing; enabling the residents to better manage their healthcare and take a preemptive approach to their wellness.

   We are very grateful to report that over the years this event has saved several lives! Residents were able to receive treatment for skin cancer, bladder cancer, heart conditions that were not previously detected, emphysema, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, low grade UTI’s, a-fib, protein and blood in urine, and there were many cases of vascular disease discovered, as well as a case of Hep C.

   If this is not your interest….come and see if there is I-cash waiting for you, possibly get a haircut or style, earwax or hearing aids cleaned, dispose of your old medications, enjoy the variety of seminars available, visit the mobile hearing unit, as well as the mobile retina unit, get a veteran’s designated drivers license or check out eligibility benefits for discounted licenses and transportation. Or simply come for a bite to eat! There is no cost for this Spectacular event.

Love the Learning Seminars

All Learning Seminars are in Clubroom 3

Is There A Reason To Organize A Health Fair When The Residents Have Their Own Doctors?

  Over the years the Health Care Systems have merged and changed. The insurance industry seems to be dictating the types of medical screenings Doctors are able to order. In many cases a patient has to have symptoms and a strong indication of a particular problem to qualify for various tests.

  Each year after reviewing the trends and looking at the areas where there seems to be a gap in services we seek to make changes to our offerings. The mission of the health fair is to connect with health care professionals who may be able to provide screenings and services that could offer people additional information regarding their health.

  Some popular screenings include skin cancer, vein screenings, oral cancer screenings, hearing and vision screenings. Each year Jewel Pharmacy generously provides A1C's and a non-fasting cholesterol screening. Come see the new technology that is offered with innovative services and screenings!

Stayed tuned for the details.

Look Good Feel Good Area….. Is always a great hit!

   Holistic Health does not only encompasses the mind and body but it embraces an active lifestyle. Certainly where you live, how you spend your time, engaging in a regular exercise program, enjoying new opportunities for learning, being pampered by massage therapy as well as exploring options for an updated personal look has the potential to positively impact your overall wellness.

   Check out the "Love the Learning Seminars" which cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as; learning the latest information on memory loss, engage in brain fitness activities, spend treasured time with Chef Kellie and find out the most delicious recipes that enhance brain health. Or Meet Eric a master hair designer who will give you a few tips on great hairstyles you can do at home. Learn how essential oils can be used to enhance your health, or try a Yoga class and even learn how various breathing techniques can help promote healing. Find out how Physical Therapy could provide a remedy to those ailing feet. Discover the importance of sleep and how it works.

   Enjoy a free hair cut/ style, have a massage, get your eyeglasses tuned-up, hearing aides cleaned, save yourself the trip and renew your driver's license or apply for a designated veteran's license. Even apply for the BEAM program or receive a free state id., get tech. support on your personal devices, or sample delicious food from the area restaurants: Aodake Steakhouse and Sushi, Bees Brothers, Chili's, China House II, Culvers, Euro Homeland Deli, Inglenook, Mc Donald's, Michael Pizza, Olive Garden, Rosati's Pizza, Tail Gaters, Tasty Waffle.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging at the Lowest Cost. Labs, PET/CT, CT, MRI, ULTRASOUND, 3D MAM, Nuc Med, Biopsies, X-Ray, Alzheimer’s Studies.

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Event Support

Make your visit easier and avoid the parking hassles:
Transportation by Senior Star

Door to door shuttle service is graciously provided by Senior Star at Weber Place. Parking is challenging due to the popularity of this event; however remote parking is being offered at Ace Hardware’s parking lot near Weber Road. This complimentary shuttle will begin at 7:30 AM and continues until 1:00 PM. On the hour and on the half hour to pick up residents transport them to the clubhouse and return them to their cars.

State Representative NATALIE MANLEY Event Sponsor

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